The Concept

A conflict spanning centuries...

Divided Sol is an entirely FREE FPS+RTS game that is in-development by Radiant Age- a group of like-minded developers and game enthusiasts who seek to blend the fluid and dynamic game play of Tribes with RTS elements from Starhawk. Leveraging CryEngine 3 (CE3) we hope to offer a fast, action-packed, online shooter that stands apart from mainstream titles.

The game is targeted to provide maps capable of sustaining 128 players with combat encompassing both air and land vehicles, deploy-able assets, and extensive player armor customization.

Set in the Radiant Age Universe, Divided Sol is being designed to represent the first in what will hopefully be a series of PC titles that introduce players to a Universe filled with political strife, conflict, and economic turmoil.

As a grass roots project, with no funding, we rely on volunteers to help move the project ahead. We are open to recruitment almost all the time and welcome new additions to our team through a straight-forward recruitment process.